Sustainability at Exeter

With 13 student environmental clubs, a dedicated advisory board of adults from across disciplines, and a mission statement that demands thoughtful stewardship, outreach and education, Exeter’s commitment to sustainability is manifold and present in every aspect of school life.

From the elimination of plastic water bottles on campus to Climate Action Day , opportunities to engage with peers and adults on environmental issues, enact change, and reflect on the importance of the natural world is an important part of life here at Exeter.


student environmental clubs

"Different objects from nature, isolated, help to create a stronger narrative in one’s consciousness, contributing to a connection felt toward the land itself.”
Megan Smith '16



In this course, students will read texts, write papers and participate in outdoor excursions that prompt them to contemplate their relationship to the natural world.

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Inaugural Environmental Literature Institute held at Phillips Exeter Academy

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tons of trash diverted from landfills during the first quarter of 2016