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Exeter for Educators turns the table for teachers

Educators spend a week of summer vacation in the role of student.

June 27, 2018
Environmental Literature Institute at Exeter.
Participants in the Environmental Literature Institute climb at ALNOBA, a nature retreat in nearby Kensington, NH.

Exeter’s weeklong teacher conferences have hit their stride, and 300 secondary and middle school educators are now comfortably navigating the campus pathways and their daily coursework.

The annual conferences provide instruction in a variety of topics including mathematics and technology, biology, environmental literature, diversity and the humanities. Though each program is unique, they all deliver opportunities where teachers can, in a community of their peers, share inspiration and tackle topics from creating curriculum and building trust among students to integrating Harkness techniques in their home classrooms.

We invite you to read conference highlights and learn more about the Harkness table and its impact.

Exeter Humanities Institute

EHI launched in 2000 and has been a perennial favorite ever since. With a focus on using the Harkness method, this conference sports a sizable waiting list. Last year, to help address demand, EHI traveled to California for a second session. Read about the successful EHI West pilot, and listen to a KPBS radio interview with EHI West teachers and students.

Environmental Literature Institute

At ELI, educators share ideas and build courses to bring the natural world into their schools and classrooms. Education writer Michael Brosnan reflects on the growing field of environmental humanities and his experience at Exeter’s conference.

Harkness table: it took more than one try

Ever wonder how we designed the Harkness table? Watch this video to find out:

Can’t make it to a conference at Exeter?

If you’re looking for tools to help integrate Harkness teaching concepts into your classroom, check out our recently launched Harkness toolkit, with helpful tracking worksheets and reflections written by Exeter teachers and students

Learn more about our professional development conferences in the Programs for Educators section of our website.

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