Employment at Phillips Exeter Academy

Members of the employee community at Exeter share the Academy's longstanding commitment to excellence – a commitment that has made the school one of the finest in the country.

Our employee community includes more than 650 people. While faculty members have primary responsibility for teaching our students, there are hundreds of employees who support Exeter in offices, dining services, facilities and other areas of the campus.

Exeter offers a feeling of "family" that is unique. Our goal is to create and sustain a community where all are appreciated and respected for their individual and collective contributions.

We seek to understand the differences and similarities among us, and to appreciate the richness which diversity provides. We welcome your interest in a career at Exeter.


Employee retention rate for 2014-2015

Equal Employment Opportunities: The Academy is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, marital status, religion, gender, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, national origin, genetic information, or physical or mental disabilities which do not prevent performance of essential job tasks. Notices of nondiscrimination are publicly posted.


Phillips Exeter Academy is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, including complying with all applicable laws, regulations and PEA policies, and fostering an environment that is free from all forms of intimidation and retaliation.

The Academy Ethics & Whistleblower Policy is simple and straightforward. In order to maintain the integrity of the community, the Academy expects to address any serious concerns about financial, accounting or business related improprieties including concerns about fraud and harassment.

EthicsPoint provides an anonymous and confidential method to gather suggestions, concerns or reports of misconduct. Learn more at the EthicsPoint site

For matters submitted to the Academy via the EthicsPoint system, all matters will be shared with two members of the Academy’s trustees (including the chair of the Audit Committee), human resources director, general counsel and chief financial officer.  Matters will be handled and resolved as expeditiously as possible.

ADA Commitment

To fulfill our mission of embracing and respecting diversity, the trustees endorse the goal of universal access to our campus and facilities. We should continue to identify and implement ways of making our community more accessible. Of equal importance is fostering a culture that embraces all individuals. Our goal is inclusion, not just compliance with regulation.

Request an ADA accommodation