HHD110/120/130: Teen Health Matters for Juniors

Students explore health issues, including physical and psychological self-care; alcohol, drugs, and addictive substances; nutrition and fitness; mental health; relationships; and sex and sexuality. 

In this year-long, age-appropriate course, required of?all juniors, students will explore together a variety of health issues, including, but not limited to, physical and psychological self-care; alcohol and other drugs, as well as addictive substances and behaviors; nutrition and fitness; mental health; relationships; and sex and sexuality. We aim to enable students to build self-efficacy and prepare for challenging health and lifestyle choices through the development of effective communication and decision- making skills. The pass/no pass grading system encourages student participation, honesty, and sharing in a supportive and more relaxed environment. Required of all juniors. Two single class periods per week in the fall and winter terms, which may include reserve periods. One single class period per week in the spring term, which may be a reserve period. In addition to the class period in the spring term, limited assignments will be given each week.