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Lamont Gallery in the News

Lamont Gallery in the News

This Exeter Summer class is for the birds

Lauren Josef’s Upper School design class flies the coop for a visit to “Welcome to Bird Land” at Lamont Gallery.

Lamont Gallery Exhibition News

William Kentridge - Exhibition News

"Lamont Gallery Features Dissolving Art", The Exonian, January 2019

Welcome to Bird Land - Exhibition News

"5 Art Exhibits to Visit This Weekend" - New Hampshire Public Radio. July 2018

"This Exeter Summer class is for the Birds" - The Exchange Blog. July 2018

"Lamont Gallery: Welcome to Bird Land" - The Exonian. August 2018

"Welcome to Bird Land Exhibition Review" - Art New England Magazine. Sept/Oct 2018

BIG TIME: ART 500 - Exhibition News


"Art 500 Showcase" - The Exonian. May 2018

"Oh! Origami Exhibit" - The Exonian. April 2018

Representing Feminism(s) - Exhibition News

"Feminism on Display" - Seacoast Online. February 2018.

"Representing Feminism(s) at Lamont Gallery" - Women's Caucas For Art. February 2018

"Lamont Gallery: Representing Feminism(s)" - Exonian. March 2018

"The Art of Learning and the Learning of Art" - Exeter Exchange. May 2018

Representing Feminism(s)” – Video of opening reception and interviews with artists. Exeter TV 98. February 2018

Possible Subject Positions - Exhibition News
Queer Kids - Exhibition News

"Style That Demands to Be Seen" - The New York Times. October 2017

"Queer Kids Exhibit Inspires Faculty to Share Coming Out Stories" - The Exonian. October 2017

“Art Exhibit: Queer Kids” – The Exonian. September 2017

“Queer Kids Exhibit at PEA Aims to Empower LGBTQ Youth” – Seacoast Online. September 2017

“Queer Kids Opens at Lamont Gallery” – Exeter News. September 2017

INDY 500 - Exhibition News


"Performing Arts Explode on Campus" - Exeter News. May 2016


"We All Bleed Red to Showcase Student Work" - Exonian. May 2016

Clew - Exhibition News

"Getting A Clew: Multisensory Surprise at Phillips Exeter" - Artscope Magazine. March/April 2017 

"New Lamont Gallery Mulit-Media Exhibition" - The Exonian. January 2017

"Playing to Learn at Lamont Gallery" - Exeter Bulletin. Spring 2017

2016 A State of Mind - Exhibition News


 "Printmakers Tackle the Issues" - Artscope Magazine. November/December 2016

 Exhibition Announcement - The Sound. November 2016

"Lamont Show Opens, Incites Conversations" - The Exonian. November 2016


Rock, Paper, Scissors - Exhibition News


"Rock, Paper, Scissors: 50 Years of Exeter Fine Crafts" - The Exonian. September 2016


"50-Year Celebrations" - The Hippo. September 2016 (pg 22)

Public/Private: The Arc of Longing - Exhibition News


"Public/Private: The Arc of Longing exhibit at Lamont Gallery" - Seacoast Online. July 2016

"What is Art? Visit Lamont Gallery and See" - The Summer Times. July 2016

Super Studio: The Power of Process - Exhibition News


"Super Studio: The Power of Process" - The Exonian. May 2016

Change Agents: Personal Art as Political Tactic - Exhibition News

"Change Agents: Personal Art as Political Tactic at Lamont Gallery" - The Exonian. March 2015

"Photographer Matt Black Visits Exeter" - The Exonian. April 2015

"Sing Our Rivers Red Exhibit" - The Exonian. April 2015

"Poet Tanaya Winder Visits PEA" - The Exonian. April 2015

"Nefertitis Daughters' Film Screening" - The Exonian. May 2015

Graphic Advocacy - Exhibition News

"A Medium for Social Change" - Artscope Magazine. January 2016

"Lamont Gallery Paints the Pictures of Justice" - The Exonian. January 2016

"Making Change" - The Sound. January 2016

Hidden Treasures 4 - Exhibition News
The Narrative Impulse - Exhibition News
A Pattern Language - Exhibition News


"A Pattern Language Exhibition Review" - Art New England Magazine. July 2015

Super Studio 2015 - Exhibition News
Lush Life - Exhibition News

"Lamont Gallery Exhibition: Lush Life" - The Exonian. April 2015

Exhibition Review - Art New England. May 2015

"Maasai Adventures" - The Exonian. May 2015

Open House - Exhibition News

"Open House: A Portrait of Collecting" - Artscope Magazine. January 2015

"Wonder Walls" - The Sound. January 2015

"Down to Earth - Budget Vogue: Collections of (Someone's) Precious Memories" - The Union Leader. January 2015

"The Art of Collecting" - The Exonian. January 2015

"Visiting Historians Offer Great Depression Seminars" - The Exonian. February 2015

Strange Days - Exhibition News

"Strange Days in sight at Exeter's Lamont Gallery" - The Union Leader. September 2014

"Strange Days at Exeter" - Elin Spring. September 2014

Self Made - Exhibition News

"Exeter Exhibition Explores Themes of Beauty, Power and Desire" - The Union Leader. September 2014

"Portrait of the Artist" - The Exonian. October 2014

"Self Made" - Artscope Magazine. September/ October 2014

Justice - Exhibition News


"Students Salute Fighters for Human Rights" - Summer Times, July 2014

Open Hearts Open Doors - Exhibition News


"Open Hearts, Open Doors. Gallery Opening" - The Exonian. January 2014

Exhibition Review - Art New England. March/April 2014

Dust and Discovery - Exhibition News
Luminous Terrain - Exhibition News


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